The DCO services:

1. Financial statements audit-examination of financial statements and preparation of audited reports for submission to the management, donors and stakeholders.

2. Internal Audit/Operations Audit/ Special Project Audits required by management and donors
3. Accounting and bookkeeping –keeping the books of accounts in accordance with the provisions and requirements of the taxing authority; preparation of payroll reports, monthly contribution returns and reports to government regulatory agencies.
4. Agreed-upon procedures by European Commission (EU) and financial statement review required by management and donors.
5. Financial services-design and installation of basic accounting system; financial and accounting systems review.

6. Training-design and managing training programs on basic accounting and financial management and reporting for development organizations, and other non-government organizations.
7. Training-use of accounting software like QuickBooks and Peachtree.
8. Tax services – Monthly and annual Tax filing; advice and assistance to client on tax assessments by the Tax Department.
9. Renewal of business licenses, registration and patents.

10. Special audit-reconstruction of accounts; reconciliation of account balances such as bank accounts; receivables and payables.